Mark Haugen DJ
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Meet DJ Mark Haugen

I’m Mark, and I love weddings, music and joyful celebration!

I don’t take for granted the awesome privilege it is to be the MC and DJ for this - the most beautiful day of your lives. As a married father of my own four beautiful girls, I immediately connect with how important this event is for you. I get choked up with emotion during the father and daughter dance. I smile when “What A Wonderful World” fills the floor with couples old and young. And I can’t help but throw my hands in the air when “Dynamite” is playing.

I’d jump (literally) at the chance to be your DJ.

From the very first meeting with Mark, we felt confident that he would deliver the experience we were hoping for - and we were right! We gave him a few songs, told him the genre’s of music we like and he was able to build an awesome set list for our wedding. Mark was dedicated to making sure our day was special - he showed up early and made sure everything was setup perfectly well in advance.
— Justin & Monica,  PAIKKA Event Center


Meet DJ Trevor Tinsley

DJ and MC for weddings, events in Minneapolis and St Paul MN

I’m Trevor, and I LOVE music and getting to share in your special day!

I have always loved music. One of the main things I love about music is its ability to bring people together, to provide a common language and energy. When my wife and I got married, our DJ made sure everyone, young and old, had a reason to join in on the party. I love to see people break out of their shells and dance like they’ve never danced before. I think marriage is something so important and so worth celebrating. As your DJ, my main goal is to make your reception everything you hoped it would be and so much more.

I would LOVE to be your DJ.


Meet DJ Joshua Berwald

Joshua is DJ and MC for Mark Haugen DJ

I’m Joshua, and I can’t wait to hear about what kind of music you love most!

I’m a stay at home dad with two perfect little girls. I get the pleasure of being their home DJ, so they can burn off energy by dancing all day. I’m able to play tunes they love, because I know them so well and can anticipate their musical wishes. That’s what I think is the mark of a great DJ: someone who gets to know you so well that they’re able to make the musical choices that make your day perfect. I can’t wait to hear about what kind of music you love most, so I can make your celebration unique to you!

I would LOVE to be your DJ.


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